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The Earth Town Network

As of May, 2007 I will be starting the Earth Town Network. This will be kind of an AA support group for emerging earthlings.

In my latest pondering about the human condition I have decided that we have something backwards. We are not apes trying to become spiritual. We are highly evolved spiritual beings trying to become earthlings. I do not think the focus of our lives should be redemption, living in fear of death and planning for an afterlife. We should be focusing on the miracle of inhabiting a body in this earthly paradise. Keeping our spiritual connections strong is important but possibly more important is to fully embrace the process of being a sensory entity in a physical dimension.

The Earth Town Network is here to support people who want to embrace this holistic process that was put in motion millions of years ago. The process includes finding out who we really are and how we can dance in this dimension without trashing it.

The basis of the Earth Town Network will be a set of CCR's that are legally recorded and will give a certain definition to these neighborhoods. You will know that the people next door are on the same wavelength regarding lifestyle and commitment to living in harmony with the natural world.

You will have your own land and privacy. There are no community dues or work commitment. But you will be in a neighborhood committed to a deeper connection with the great mystery of life on earth. Different Earth Towns will move according to the visions of the different people involved.

I will assign names and numbers to the different Earth Towns. Sage Valley in Nevada will be Earth Town One. My land in Arizona will be Earth Town Two. I am purchasing land in central New York south of Utica which will become Earth Town Three.

Anyone in the country who incorporates these CCR's into their deeds can join the Earth Town Network. No fees involved. Just a commitment to the Peace Principles and the Earth.

As the Earth Town Network grows, we will share information and support each other as best we can.

The latest book I have read is "The Dream of the Earth" by Thomas Berry. This book has reinforced in me the depth of the changes that our entire religious, political and economic system must undergo. The teachings from "Ishmael" and "Beyond Civilization" by Daniel Quinn are becoming clearer. Quinn put forth the idea that we will not have a revolution or vote them out of office. We will just walk away. That time is now.

We still have electricity and gasoline, the major drugs in our lives. We can effectively use these drugs to ease the transition away from them into lives as free beings. It will be much easier than our preprogrammed minds can imagine. A little elbow grease and sweat and we will be eating real food which will start the process of cleansing our bodies.

This reminds me to mention that being in an Earth Town is not a free trip to nirvana. It will take intention and work to make this happen. Having gasoline for tractors, rototillers and chainsaws will make it easier. BUT it will take people willing to step up and make it happen.

I am starting a new website for this project. It will be up by May first. In the meantime the information will be here.

By mid summer I should have 5 acre parcels for sale in central New York about 30 minutes south of Utica. There are lots for sale in Nevada and Arizona if you are drawn to live in the high desert.

Please contact me if you have property of your own that you would like to include in the Earth Town Network.

Peace and Blessings,

Medicine Bear

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